Derwent Valley Joinery

Amos Group have invested heavily in bespoke joinery, and recently created Derwent Valley Joinery Ltd.

The result is a team of highly skilled craftsmen providing over 300 years of knowledge and experience under one roof, dedicated to Amos Group.

Combining traditional joinery skills, modern technology and innovation, the made to order production line is developing and re-developing a wide range of products beginning with interior panelling, storm proof single glazed windows, patio double doors and more, using top quality and unique materials such as:

Accoya timber (high performance wood selected for impeccable quality in all environments, rot proof, highly durable and stable)

Tulipwood (beautiful fine smooth finishes)

The ethos of Derwent Valley Joinery is to use traditional values and care to produce high end future proof products, in an ecological and sustainable manner, and to recycle materials where possible to minimise waste.